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About kenaaz

KENAAZ UNITED CONTRACTING COMPANY – a well-established engineering and construction firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers Architectural, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical works. A reputable contractor of government projects from Ministry of Higher Education, Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, National Guard and Private sector’s project including Commercial Centers, Palaces and Villas. Our corporate principle affirms that the Client is the lifeblood of our business and Client satisfaction is the ultimate measure of quality. We offer our complete quality program package which is in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9001 Quality Management System, Construction Management, and Project Management strategies to suit individual Client needs.
Kenaaz’s main assets lie in the skills and experience of the frontline leaders with highly qualified experienced and motivated team members composed of interdisciplinary professional engineers. Value Analysis Value Engineering (VAVE) is one technique that led our experience to be solid and profound making us incomparable among the highly reputed construction company in the kingdom but enabled us to stand firm, looking ahead with certainty and tenacity to be one of the leader in construction industry.
Kenaaz controls and conducts business with the highest moral and ethical principles, understanding behavioral styles to earn trust and respect of every Client. It aims to review everything that the Client needs thru effective presentation of project deliverables to support its integrity assurance requisites.
“We are excited and looking forward to showcasing our completed projects and services to our current partners and interested clients”.

Our Mission

“To provide quality construction services to clients engaged in the development of commercial, multifamily, residential, institutional, and recreational projects in order to sustain a profit and create growth and opportunity for its employees.”

Our Vision

Kenaaz United is the benchmark of the building industry. We produce the highest quality projects, have the best and brightest people, and provide exemplary customer service. Being the leader in our markets, new clients seek us for what our repeat clients already value: our responsiveness, reliability, quality, ingenuity, excellence, and integrity.

The best subcontractors seek our business and appreciate our fairness, promptness, and competence. Our competitors attempt to emulate us. Our energized and talented employees achieve a uniform commitment to quality standards through a team approach that, in combination with our competitive pricing and Kenaaz method provides us with outstanding opportunities.

At Kenaaz, we are building for the future, in our marketplace, in our communities, in our relationships, and in our company.

Quality Objectives

  • Commited to provide turnkey solution to our customers at the highest level
  • Fullfil our commitment and build customer loyalty to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Adherence to Quality Management practices and minimizes the potential risk.
  • Implementing Continuous Process Improvement – incremental changes in every stages of processes in order to increase the efficiency and quality.